Day One: Second Life’s 11th incident


Second Life 11th Birthday. Also known as The Grid In a Nutshell.

My boyfriend and I didn’t go there right away, not at all. We carefully waited 45 minutes after the event opens its 11 sims for everyone to observe at noon SLT, and then headed there.

What is the idea that you get immediately after teleporting to the land where some big event just has been launched? Exactly. “I should come back here later.” One sim had about 70 people at the moment this post has been written. Other 10 sims – from 30 to 50 people. Plus a huge amount of objects at the booths.

Second Life 11th Birthday event has successfully started up with a vivid demonstration of what it is today to be at a Second Life event. FPS not getting higher than 20, even while standing and having your cam aimed at the loaded object. Objects taking up to 15-20 minutes to load, if you were lucky to have them loaded at all. People teleporting in and out. People hogging the places with a high ARC count. Sim Time Dilation frequently dipping below 0.3, meaning that movement and sim speed frequently was below 30% of what is normal.

All in all, a completely normal Second Life event! Dedicated to old traditions, too – obviously, this is not the first time Second Life celebrates its birthday, and what we observe, mainly, is the same thing every year, with every just-launched event.


SL Coast Guard booth. Unfortunately, Pier was already gone by the moment the picture was taken.

So, our first visit was pretty short, about 45 minutes. Not pointless, however. We got to talk with Pier Cukor, SL Coast Guard representative (, about their secondary mission in particular – to keep the seas and the air in Second Life free from banlines and security orbs set up to ridiculously short times. They are progressing in that, which is a great thing, but there still are land owners who refuse to remove them for whatever reason, which, of course, creates obstacles for virtual sailors and pilots. To avoid frustrations from getting your vehicle stuck in a yellow ribbon, SL Coast Guard recommends using a Heads-Up Display (HUD) which can be found at Marketplace – it shows the traveller in advance where the ban lines are, along with other useful features. While the HUD is a good thing, would it not be better if there was no necessity in using one? So, best of luck to SLCG in their missions, and hopefully more people will listen to them!


Live Stage, one of the four

An event in itself is a good thing to add some variety to your life, but if you have a live DJ stage over there, or even better, a live performer, your event cannot go wrong. To prevent any possibility of the event going wrong thrice, Second Life 11th Birthday organizers installed four stages that operate all at the same time (but not always, thankfully). We made it to one of them. Honestly, I failed to find who was performing, but my assumption is that it was the lone man with a guitar standing in the corner in front of the crowd. Where the stage is to be found is still a mystery to me.

Anyway, sounds like a great start to a great event. We will come back there in the middle of the week – SLCG was a great finding, hopefully there will be more organizations that aren’t very public, but worth noting. Onwards!

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