SL11B outtakes

Welcome to Second Life. Would you like a guide? Or do you prefer getting lost on your own?

Welcome to Second Life. Would you like a guide? Or do you prefer getting lost on your own?

While all the events were through a week ago, we still had exhibits to explore. Many, many exhibits from all kinds of people, talented or not, and organizations, useful or not. Now it is all over, we can go back to everyday Second Life. We cannot leave such a significant and important event without a few outtakes.

In my opinion, Second Life 11th Birthday Celebration had to be something that allows us to observe, as well as demonstrate, what we all have achieved through all these years of hard work and regular updates. Something that shows what we are dealing with today and what awaits us in the nearest future – better if something promising.

To my great surprise, it was pretty close to my expectations. The event turned out to be a miniature Second Life, where some things have been cut off to make it look good before the public. Successful? Depends on what they actually wanted to achieve.

I want to congratulate the organizers on creating something that resembles what a mainland looks like today with such an amazing accuracy. All kinds of buildings and creations piled up together. Lots of blinking objects. Skyboxes in the midair. Nothing is regulated, everybody builds whatever they want to build wherever they want. They even have brought Yava Pods there. Great thinking.

Looks like there was a regulation, though – there were no stores. Fair enough, we have got enough commerce going on the Grid, and this event was supposed to show that Second Life is about anything but money.

This must have been a test on our proficiency in understanding modern art. I’ve failed it.

If not about money, what is it about then? SL11B has the answer right in front of you in a shape of a tree/ladder going up to the Second Life sky with inspirational quotes along the way. Or how about a wall with photographs taken in Second Life? Or you prefer a fine collection of cubes with animated faces on them?

I by no means claim that art is a thing that has no use in life, first or second. But at the event where we were to show and see what we have achieved, when we witness that art is prevalent, it tells us about something. I cannot help myself but infer from this event that Second Life is primarily suitable for creating things that can be observed, but not interacted with, at least in-world.

The other thing that made me come to another conclusion is the amount of booths. This tells you some more about what Second Life is. Quantity. Often over quality. Many people just do their own thing, and each of them needs their own space. Some are good at one thing, some are good at another thing, some are good at nothing, few are good at everything. Everyone wants to display their accomplishments. This is terrific – but do their creations actually belong to the most important event on the Second Life Grid? Sometimes an artist’s feelings should be hurt in order for him to get a reality check.

It seems that we did not need a huge amount of booths dedicated to stores and clubs to find similarities between the event and your everyday second life. Now that SL11B is over and the next event is just a year away, we have got some time to think about which Second Life we want to put on the display next year – and strive for this Second Life to happen.


About K.T. Burnett

Virtual worlds blogger, specializing in creative and analytical writing, also in statistics. - The Digitized, my own blog. - I also blog for the lovely people of The Science Circle, the Second Life non-profit organization that provides free and open in-world classes.
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