Taking over Second Life with a slink

Three days ago, on January 28th, Rowena Springflower has released a new group gift. It was mesh feet named High Footsies.

High Footsies, as seen in the Designs by Rowena group notice.

High Footsies, as seen in the Designs by Rowena group notice.

According to the description in the notice, those feet “work with most shoes designed for slink high feet. they are compatible with the omega applier system so be on look out for skin textures from you favorite skin creator”. Wonderful news for all Second Life fashionistas who cannot afford Slink feet or refuse to deal with the fact that “you must pay this much for the ability to wear new shoes”. It seems that the humankind is considering the world where all the new items of clothes are made for one size impossible to achieve naturally, and you have to undergo plastic surgery to be able to wear them. If you don’t have money for that surgery – it isn’t anyone’s problem but yours. The world cares for you, it wants you to be beautiful.

Only several hours later, the gift was taken down. The notice has followed:

Due to some questions on the rights to the mesh for the group gift footsies im going to take down for the time being till can get some conformation one way or another on them. I apologize for any inconvenience.


The chat didn’t reveal more, other than that Rowena Springflower, the designer, had to get the mesh creator to “get it sorted”. The next notice, two days later, read:

After disusing things with some friends and other designer iv made a decision that the Footsies will not be put back out. The reason for this decision is that I feel continuing to offer them would adversely affect other individuals business that they have spent time and energy establishing which was never my intention. I apologize for any inconvenience.


I am not the one to tell the store owner what to do. I live perfectly fine with system feet. I possess more shoes for the system feet than I will ever wear in my Second Life.

But the reasoning behind this is quite unclear to me.

If I got it right, Rowena was the one who has made the feet, or modified a legally bought mesh model – she didn’t copybot them, she didn’t steal them from other creators. A system other than Slink is used in those feet, this is what I can only assume, since I do not possess Slink feet, therefore it is not stolen either.

The message in the chat reveals Rowena Springflower’s good nature:

[2015/01/30 21:04:36] Rowena Spingflower: there are designers and creators that have spent alot of time in developing the feet systems haveing one out for free or at a very low cost would impact thier businesses and that was not my intention when i put them out

I'm waiting for the Slink advertisement to appear where they were.

If you relax your eyes and look at the blank space for long enough, you will see the hidden Slink advertisement.

If those designers are this good and make feet systems that are this good – residents will prefer their feet over free feet. Residents will be willing to pay money for their feet because they are worth it. The business that makes the best product, or the one that provides the best service has more customers than other businesses, even if other businesses have cheaper alternatives.

Rowena has developed this feet system, and she is free to do what she wants with it. She can put it up for free as a group gift, she can set a cost of L$99 for it. Residents are free to choose between free feet or much more advanced official Slink feet.

I myself am against the monopoly on products. My views do not matter for the business world of Second Life, though. But the reasoning of another business supporting the monopoly just because the owner of the business is a good person is still a mystery for me – do they expect the monopoly to do the same for them someday?

The monopoly will not do it, even in Second Life, the paragon of friendliness and common spirit of creativity. Because in the end of the day, it is a business. And the business world is blind to emotions, ethics and human relationship – it can use them in its own ways, but the thing the business always puts the most effort into is profit.

The more, the better.


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