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Almost everybody who opens a brand new place in Second Life believes that the place they have created is exactly what the Second Life Grid has been lacking all this time. The logic they usually follow is that there is an eternal shortage of nightclubs, shopping malls and adult roleplaying places. They know that their club/mall/adult roleplay will be the place to be, that any sensible interactive items that take advantage of the virtual world are not needed, however an abundant presense of decorations and furniture that plays couple animations, all arranged in the way that makes a visitor of the place wish for a new policy in Second Life ToS against the violation of city planning principles, is strictly required. All in all, it is the owner’s business how to build the place, but sadly, some of them have enough money earned in real life to pay the monthly fee for their place on the Grid, which allow their places, as well as their sense of self-worth, to linger for a long enough time, even if their place is ignored due to the inability of anybody who values their time to stay there for longer than a minute.

Vega City aerial view

Like many people in Second Life, I was out of activities, and that is how I have ended up considering the event at 9:30 PM, which read: “Vega City Official Opening!”. Let us admit it: cities are not frequent in Second Life in the first place. Usually the place one visits is either a beach, a club that occupies the entire region, a shopping mall or a store that occupies the entire region, a club and a shopping mall that occupy the entire region together, or a checkerboard of private residential areas. So the word “city” itself attracted attention. The description, “Join us for shopping, partying, gaming, and more!”, even while proposing two activities that are out of my consideration, included the magic word “gaming”, which is seldom used in promoting places and hense makes one want to give the place a chance, even if it turns out that by “gaming” the owner meant a single Greedy Greedy table at the corner of the region.

As soon as I have landed there, it has become clear that at the very least I will enjoy the sight. The place gives a feeling of a small, but fairly rich town separated from the mainland, where it is always warm and residents of the place do not know the meaning of such terms as “ugly” or “equal pay”. Visiting such places is a particularly pleasant experience when living on the verge of winter and spring, which reinforces the feeling that soon warm weather will come to real life as well.


The landing point is at the beginning of a shopping alley. On one side, there is the open air hangout area with a bar and a view on the cascade fountain in the water and a flock of ducks (all of whom are male). A white sign to the right gives useful hints on how to reduce lag at the place and Second Life in general. This area, as well as benches along the shore facing the same fountain and ducks, can be a great spot for chatting with other residents or indulging in Second Life residents’ favourite activity – being AFK.

The shopping alley features stores that sell the only thing all residents of Second Life can have a use for – apparel items. A fountain, which features a “Failed Wireframe Mode” sculpture, marks the end of the shopping alley.fountain

Which means that it is time to turn left and explore the residential area. There are individual modern houses for those who appreciates their private space. Everything is designed to support the hedonistic lifestyle loved so much by residents of Second Life.


There are also two apartment complexes with full floor apartments and a view on one another, as well as the entire town. A great way to make friends with an entire household living above or below you by putting a luxury particle emitter with a range beyond the floor or the ceiling in your apartment. Or with the entire complex population – by doing daily basejumping.


And now, to the part of the town that I hope to be the most populated one at all times – the Community Center.

Community Center

The owner of the place, Ggio Vega (abidemi11), has kindly escorted me to this place as an answer to my “Any games over here?” question. To begin with, there is a pool table, which is actually meant to play pool on it, unlike those placed at adult areas.


The other room has a tic tac toe board in it (a chalkboard right on the table), two Memolation cabinets and a game that deserves a place at every community center in both lives – the Beer Pong.


Obviously, there is no gaming place without a Greedy table. This Community Center has not just one, but two rooms with them.


For those who prefers more passive activities, there are two rooms that serve as movie theaters.


And three empty rooms. One can hope they will be filled with board games as well!

Finally, this place would not be modern if it did not cater to modern people. We all know them: bearded, wearing glasses with plain lenses or without lenses at all, wearing designer clothes that look like they were dug out of their grandfather’s wardrobe after being thoroughly eaten by moth, majoring in art history and running away from everything they declare “mainstream”. Modern people are most often found in three types of places: a fashionable bar with a neon sign and modern furniture, an art gallery with paintings nobody seems to understand but them, and a bakery that sells European pastries for the price of a whole lunch per slice of cake. Well.


As you can see, there are indeed things to see and do in this small place. Ggio Vega has also mentioned that they have “an affiliate with a fully functioning racetrack that we use to host events and more”. But for now, the place of the most interest at Vega City is going to be the Community Center – finding a place with interactive games is hard on itself in Second Life, but finding a place with interactive games that also looks good is truly challenging. You will not miss it – once you have landed, go beyond the end of the shopping alley.


For those who are interested in more traditional Second Life activities, there is a shopping alley mentioned above and two dancefloors – the group promises events, which evidently include dance events as well. All the houses and apartments are available for rent, in case you desire to experience the lifestyle you cannot try in real life for whatever reason.

If you happen to have a Facebook account, Vega City also has a Facebook page. Go ahead and like it. When it goes mainstream, you will have a right to claim that you liked it before it was mainstream.

Visit the place in Second Life


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