Featured event: “The State Of Being” Lecture

“The State Of Being” lecture by Pamala Clift

June 4, 2015
RUC Classroom A


As residents of the virtual world we care about (which is Second Life, of course), we are responsible to a great degree for our experiences and even experiences of others, and it is worth understanding better the world in which we live, even if we live there only several hours a week. Pamala Clift, the human/computer interface psychology reseacher, who goes in Second Life by the Roadside Philosopher title, realizes that as well, and as such, on the first Thursday of each month, she gives her famous “The State Of Being” lecture at the Rockcliffe University of Second Life. This lecture is aimed to educate Second Life residents about the social environment of virtual worlds, about various types of people we meet there, to answer different questions about the nature of virtual communications, especially in the interactive environment, and a lot more.

If you are concerned about the wellbeing of Second Life, or any virtual world you are living in now or will join in the future, it is highly recommended to go to the “The State Of Being” lecture. It is free of charge exclusively for virtual world residents – in the real world, you would have to pay quite a sum. No background in psychology or any other field is required, and regardless of one’s background, everybody will learn something valuable there. What you are going to learn during the “The State Of Being” lecture is applicable not only to Second Life, but to any virtual world, and even to the real world to some extent.


Among so many researchers who believe that spending two weeks in the virtual world is more than enough to dwell into its deepest insights, Pamala Clift very much stands out, with her neverending quest to understand the social structure of the virtual realm as a whole and her continuous interest in its residents as individuals alike. Unlike other researchers, Pamala does not attempt to explain the virtual experience as the mere extention of the real world, but rather analyzes the virtual world on its own, without disconnecting it from the real world, but at the same time considering it to be a discrete entity where rules and regulations differ in many aspects from the real world for the sake of suiting it best.

What do people come to the virtual world for? What do they stay for? How do they perceive other residents? How can we make our own virtual experience as pleasant as possible? These are the questions each of us can give a different answer to. Pamala is one of a few people who has made an attempt to take possible answers into account, combine them with residents’ experiences and observations she has made throughout her Second Life, and derive the most feasible and systematic framework within which it becomes much easier to explain communications and social events in the virtual world. Now she is ready to share it with all of you in a form of “The State Of Being” lecture.


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