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Isole Angeliche, one of many beautiful places we love Second Life for.  Location

Isole Angeliche, one of many beautiful places we love Second Life for.


We’re glad you’re here. We really are.

There are plenty of virtual worlds around the Web, but Second Life is inarguably the most advanced one among them all. Not only it gives you endless opportunities in creating unique content, building gorgeous places to explore, starting your own business – it barely limits you. You can build an endless amount of things, with whatever parameters and features you want to add to them…

Second Life grows and advances, and this is the way it must be.

But at the same time, the abundance causes an outburst. When nothing controls the growing process, later, it becomes harder and harder to put it under control.

We have crashing sims during big events.

We have hardly loading avatars.

We have bottomless inventories stuffed with junk we will probably never use.

We have… nothing to do on a Friday night, except for going to yet another club, triggering a dance animation and participating in “the loudest gesture” contest.

Endless opportunities is a terrific thing. But it’s important to be able to use them wisely.

We aren’t here to take the entire Grid under our control. We are mere residents who just want to enjoy time spent in the world of opportunities. We are also concerned in more people being aware in how Second Life works, so they can put their knowledge in the best use possible.

So, our goal is…

If we say “to make people aware of the situation on the Grid”, that will be a lie. We don’t have the whole picture, and a lot of time has to pass before we will. All we have is our observations which we make using whatever we’re equipped with – so the results of our researches are purely subjective. Observations, analysis, and then conclusions – which of course might be wrong. (It also means that they might be right.)

So the better way to say what our goal is will be “to share our observations with other concerned residents and let people draw conclusions, fully or partially based on our researches”.

You might have a different opinion on the subject, which is perfectly normal. Please feel free to share it with us over here or in-world. Any opinion – even if it sounds silly to you.

So what exactly do we do?

First and foremost – we observe.

What’s the best way to collect the required data?

You might find us at any sim, from a residential island to the most popular club on the Grid (care to guess which one is?). We’re interested in observing people, events, places, processes. Everything that catches the eye will be written down, even if it’s something no way related to our current research.

We don’t limit ourselves to one subject, trying to get our hands on everything that plays any significant role for the virtual world.

Then – we analyze.

Gathered data means nothing if it hasn’t been processed. Sometimes we analyze during the observation process, sometimes we work with already collected data. This involves not only building logical chains, but also a bit of philosophical thinking.

Next – we draw conclusions.

To be true, you can analyze forever; the collected data can tell you sometimes much more than you expected. But there is always something you want to prove. Or to disprove. Once it’s done, the data can be stored for the further use, but for today, it has served its purpose.

And finally – we take action.

The conclusion is drawn. Great. The job is done? No.

Whatever has been discovered should be applied as soon as possible. Sometimes it’s just writing an article. Sometimes – starting a new event. Not sure if someday it comes to signing a petition, but the possibilities on actions taken are endless.

What are we going to achieve?

A healthier grid. A better economical situation. A happier community. More people ready to contribute and who know how they’ll do it.

We want to make the residents’ experience richer and more enjoyable. Of course, it’s fairly good already – but there’s no limit in making it better, right?

Why “everything you want to know – and everything you don’t want to know”?

Since we’re after the truth, we don’t alter the gathered data to match our own, or anyone else’s, expectations. We deal with things as they are, because at the moment you stop dealing with the real situation, you stop dealing with the real world as well – and whatever you research is, whatever you write about, it becomes not just irrelevant, but totally pointless.

But the truth might hurt at times – when you find out that things you believed in are in fact not that merry. We understand that. Human mind is inert. But we still are eager to disclose results of our observations as they are, unbiased.

You have the right to know the truth – as well as you have the right to be upset about it.

We have the right to make mistakes (as humans that we are), and also we have the right to double-check the facts and to make corrections when necessary – but we have no right to alter the results. Because, all in all, that’s what this project is about – to discover and disclose the true situation on the Grid. Thank you for your appreciation!

All in all, it’s our greatest pleasure to greet you here. Hope you will enjoy your time with Smart SL!


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