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Virtual worlds blogger, specializing in creative and analytical writing, also in statistics. - The Digitized, my own blog. - I also blog for the lovely people of The Science Circle, the Second Life non-profit organization that provides free and open in-world classes.

Featured event: “The State Of Being” Lecture

“The State Of Being” lecture by Pamala Clift WHEN: June 4, 2015 6 PM PDT/1 AM UTC WHERE: RUC Classroom A COST: Free WEBSITE: As residents of the virtual world we care about (which is Second Life, of course), … Continue reading

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Featured place – Vega City

Visit the place in Second Life Almost everybody who opens a brand new place in Second Life believes that the place they have created is exactly what the Second Life Grid has been lacking all this time. The logic they usually … Continue reading

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Taking over Second Life with a slink

Three days ago, on January 28th, Rowena Springflower has released a new group gift. It was mesh feet named High Footsies. According to the description in the notice, those feet “work with most shoes designed for slink high feet. they … Continue reading

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Hair Fair 2014 – the more you know

The Hair Fair organizers have published the donations information, which has allowed me to finish the analysis of the fair. This analysis will be deeper than “this fair sells cute hair, therefore it is the best thing that happened to … Continue reading

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It’s a scam. Do click it!

There were many times that we have seen an unknown URL with an illogical set of symbols appearing in the group chat or even in our own instant message box, usually accompanied by an offer you cannot possibly turn down, … Continue reading

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Second Life 2.0, part 2: commercial

I did not plan to split this post into two for the reason that I knew it would take me forever to write the second part. Not because it is harder, not because it is less important, but because it … Continue reading

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SL11B outtakes

While all the events were through a week ago, we still had exhibits to explore. Many, many exhibits from all kinds of people, talented or not, and organizations, useful or not. Now it is all over, we can go back … Continue reading

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