Newcomers section

Everybody has been there. Everybody knows how hard it might be at first. Many people have happened not to be able to live their Second Life – for various reasons.

But you are here now. You are either a newcomer or a resident who has been away from Second Life for a long time, long enough to miss Second Life changing drastically. Yes bro, there is even more sex in SL now, glad you’ve noticed that.

What you two have in common is that you face the world different from the one you came from (usually it is the real world). It gives you freedom you won’t experience in where you came from – and it has its rules, its limitations, unwritten laws and verbal agreements. You have the power, and you need to learn how to use it.

We’re here to help you. Welcome to Second Life, friend!

I would strongly advice you to start here:

4 core facts you have to know about living in Second Life


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