Appearance is the most important thing in Second Life. Why?

In Second Life, you can be a total vagabond. You don’t need a house and needs satisfaction – it is not The Sims. You don’t need a vehicle – it is not some racing MMOG. You don’t need weapons to protect yourself from the environment.

In the very beginning, what you need is yourself and yourself only.

Mainly, appearance is what speaks for you. Starting avatars might not seem to be that bad, but they scream: “N00b”. So you better get rid of the starting avatar as soon as possible.

Having a customized appearance and an even half-completed profile is what distinguishes a poor old newb from the soon-to-be resident – maybe not very experienced, but who’s blending in. Plus, it shows others that talking to you is safe in a sence that you are more or less acknowledged about Second Life, won’t bother them with questions about the game itself, and you can concentrate on enjoying other things! That means people will talk to you more eagerly, and you’ll make new friends easier. When you get a bit older in Second Life, you will realize it.

It sounds biased. Well, it IS biased. But, unlike in real life, looking good or unique will not require any big effort from you here!

But you’ve already took a look at the Marketplace and have realized that your look will cost you a few bucks… Don’t worry! We’ll get you to look decently at no cost. Promise. Decently, not fabulous. The truly customized quality look you want will cost you something, you should understand it. But in the beginning of your Second Life, you don’t want to really risk with your money, you only want to immerce, and this is understood. So the free stuff you’re about to get will do just fine!


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