How to play Second Life?

Lindel Lab have done a terrific job providing us the entire borderless and potentially infinite world called The Grid, which was up to residents to fill up. They have left most of things up to us. Surprisingly, that includes providing guidance for new residents. Once you are logged in for the first time, you get to the place where you are provided with a very brief manual on how to operate your 3D representation, which is useful, but does not cover enough. Once you’re done there, you’re being let out to the big world, with no quests, no monsters to take out to level up, no storyline about you being the only hope of the world.

Thus, a reasonable question is being raised – what next?

There is no levels per se in Second Life. However, I’ll dare myself to say that figuratively speaking, the more you know about the world, the higher your level is. I took the liberty to split the immersing process into levels. The first one is mandatory, the rest is optional and can be done in any order.

Level 1. Get rid of the Linden avatar

Linden Avatars are indeed not that bad. Hovewer, in every RPG, you usually begin with customizing your appearance, making it somewhat unique to distinguish yourself from the crowd.

For a start, it is worth spending a week or two on your appearance. That will get you on the basic, but very important level – the resident of Second Life level.

Level 2. Explore

The most logical thing to do in Second Life, probably. You are given the enormous world, which changes its shape every day, and what’s more, you have no limitations in exploring it, like buying train/plane tickets. Who would resist the temptation to travel without limits? This is best to be done once you look presentable, that’s why this level comes after the 1st one.

The most obvious source is, for certain, the Second Life Destination Guide. It is good enough for the first time, but once you realize it isn’t that good, there are other sources. Try to search for “Second Life places” on real Web. “Second Life travel blog” might give you a few good results too.

Another one is Second Life Search. Simply think of things you would love to see in the world and search for them (for example “Fantasy”, or “Art”). However, you’ll have to deal with places that use certain keywords to tag their places that are barely relevant to what you’re looking for. This is not controlled. Sorry. Nonetheless, it is also a good experience – you get to know what Second Life consists of.

Don’t just explore. Talk to people, ask questions. Try things on the sim. Stop for a moment and enjoy the view. It is digital, but is it beautiful! Use your imagination and put yourself at the place of your digital representation. Get a feel of Second Life.

Level 3. Make acquaintances

Exploring is many fun, yes. But communications and group activities are among core things that keep Second Life going, despite all its flaws. Second Life provide an opportunity to simulate activities that exist in the real, material world, from hanging out in front of the mall to challenging each other in board games.

People might start conversations with you themselves, but you better not to hope for it much. Take the initiative yourself, message people. Most of Second Life residents are very friendly, and many of them are bored themselves, so they would love company. If you have found a board game at some place, why not to try it with someone? Also, yes, this is the advice I barely follow myself, but… message people from your friends list from time to time. You lose nothing, and there are many who would love to hear from you.

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Level 4. Learn to make money in-game

If you have no problem with spending a bit of your real life cash on virtual entertainment, there is one sure way to get money in Second Life – to buy them for the real ones. However, even if so, I still would recommend you to try to earn a few Linden Dollars (abbreviated as L$) within the game. Why? It’ll help you to get to know the game better – plus, it’s fun!

There are several ways to do it, and usually the amount of money earned is directly related to the amount of time and work spent on it – that is, through the easiest methods possible, you will not get rich overnight, don’t expect it. I am not talking about jobs that require particular skills or owning your own business yet, that will come, but let’s not hurry.

The reasonable question that follows is how to actually make money in-world? There are a lot of articles on Internet that suggest how to make money in Second Life, but most of them are talking about long-term investments of time and work into the virtual world. I will be working on the fresh article about how to make easy lindens in a nearest time, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, I challenge you to find ways to earn L$ in-game on your own 😉

Level 5. Figure out what you enjoy doing in Second Life

By this moment, you have visited enough places to know what activities Second Life has to offer – from simply chatting with people to creating some kind of original content. Have you already noticed yourself inclining to do something in particular more than spending your time on other activities? Carry on. Become better on this particural field. Form a group of friends to do this together, or join the existing one. Learn new skills which will be helpful in this activity. Make it your trademark.

Level 6. Proceed!

Most importantly, do not be stagnant. Never be stagnant. This is not a collection of chatrooms, this is the entire world that is meant to be travelled, to be populated. The more time you spend active in here, the better you know it. Believe me, it is worth to be known. The people, the structure, the culture, everything matters here. Get to know as much as you can. Make Second Life your world.


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