Free clothing stores in Second Life

OK, before we get to the best part and actually have a look at the stores where you can buy everything (or almost everything) for L$0, let me say a word about some of them and why they will not be featured here.

If you have figured out how to use Destination Guide, you probably have visited free stores offered there already. Haven’t you noticed something? Well, in case you didn’t, many of them – such as Freebie Galaxy, Freebie Island, Sexy Freebies Paradise, even though they look different, they offer the same choice of freebies. That is not the worst thing yet.

Many of the offered items have been created a long time ago, maybe even a very long time ago. I am not saying that everything offered there is of a poor quality (comparing to how you see older residents dressed up). Well, skins will make you look like you’ve come straight from the old video game. Apparel, jewelry is not that bad. However, we strive for the best, don’t we? Well, in that case, I will have you informed that things offered in freebie stores in Destination Guide are way behind today’s Second Life appearance standards. If you get yourself dressed up in one of these places, you will not be far from the newbie avatar.

That is why we get ourselves dressed up at other places, where good quality clothes are offered by leading designers of Second Life – all for free.

FabFree HQ

Snapshot_058The freebies blog, mentioned before, also has a store on the Grid – where, of course, everything is free. They call it Headquarters, but this is obviously a store. Which is not a bad thing – nothing will distract you from filling your inventory up with stuff offered by many great creators from all over the Grid. Many of the vendors do not have pictures of the products, but it’s free, so it’s like playing the lottery where you always win, just no idea what. Located on the 50s-themed sim, with an amusement park which will possibly remind you of the one from Killing Floor, so come for freebies, stay for fun.

Fun is found here

Free Dove

Snapshot_057The store is known to be around for 8 years (since 2006?), and it turns out to be quite remarkable, if we remember the year 2008. Located on the mainland and connected to the road, so you can go travel right after you’ve done with shopping – quite convenient. Items are scattered around the store just like pigeons on St. Mark’s Square in Venice, and don’t let the age of the store get you confused – most of the items the place offers not only match the today’s fashion standards, but will actually make you look like on a fashion magazine cover (which, by itself, IS the Second Life current standard). Some items may not look awesome on the picture, but actually aren’t that bad in life, so pick everything up, you always can trash what you don’t need. Overall, great place.

Great place with the road is here

L&B Gothic Free Stuff

Snapshot_048The brand itself is one for the most elite ones on the Grid – the quality is among the highest and so is the price. However, their Gothic store has a section where, as the name suggests, you can obtain some of old L&B quality items for your favourite price. Even if you are not into gothic culture, have a look, possibly it will make you change your mind.

You can sign up here

Grumble/Kastle Rock Couture
I’m adding these 2 places to the list of free stores while everything is there for a cash for a reason that they provide free store credit for you – which are money for nothing that you can spend freely (or almost freely) in the particular place.

Snapshot_061In Kastle Rock Couture, it is provided once and for the residents who are under 30 days old, but in an amount of L$ 500. Since this is a luxury store, it will be barely enough for 2-3 items from there, but these will tell everyone who are you dressed by, which does matter. Hint: they have the area in the store dedicated to weekly sales, so you like something from there, you can buy it for a good price, and then wait a week, when the items for sale get changed.

Here is the store credit itself, and the sale area is here

Snapshot_064Grumble is more liberal. You can get free store credit anytime there, no matter if you are 30, 90 or 1800 days old, but it is not for nothing – there are 3 ways of obtaining them. Through camping: you receive L$ 100 of store credit if you stay in the armchair motionless for 90 minutes. Through mini-mania: this one is based purely on luck, and if you happen to have one, you can win L$25 or L$ 50 of store credit (still free money, isn’t it?). Finally, through lucky chairs: if you get lucky with the letter, you can win up to L$ 500 of store credit – more time and attention-consuming, but more rewarding as a result.

Go get them!

Well, this will do for a start, I suppose. Later on, once you get some pocket money, you can get an attire which will reflect your unique personality better – but this one is provided for free, so let’s be grateful and put it in the best use!



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