Making first money in Second Life

And now, money. Probably the most popular concern on Second Life among newcomers.

There is no explanation why you aren’t provided with quests that would help you make it big here, or at least any starting amount of virtual currency, so let me take the liberty to explain. Linden Dollars are generated in-world through… putting the real money into the game. That is why they are more valued than the in-game currency you used to deal with in other games. There is no official in-game currency that exists in game and in game only. Every Linden Dollar you see came to Second Life straight from real life.

Obviously, you can put some of the real life cash into the game, especially if you have no problems with that – after all, 1 USD equals approximately L$ 250. But this is for wusses. You don’t know Second Life if you haven’t spent hours on making money through in-game methods. Nothing compares with the pleasure of looking at that first hard-earned Linden Dollar or the joy of getting your first big tip while playing the grinding-your-bottom-against-the-pole animation.

Obviously, standing in front of what looks like a parking meter is not very much fun and is not very profitable, unless you are a Kim Kardashian-type celebrity who gets paid for playing a role of expensive decoration in different places. Which you probably aren’t. (Sorry for your luck, but maybe it’s for the best.) So your Linden bucks will be earned the hard way. Well, not really hard, but time-consuming. Enough babbling, let’s find out how you can make it to the top!

0. Putting your real life cash into the game
1. Camping for money
2. Money trees
3. Money HUDs/Traffic generating systems
4. Sploders
5. Games
6. “Best in” contests

0. Putting your real life cash into the game

Yes, I’ve promised you in-game money earning methods, but do not neglect this one. After all, Second Life itself is a huge RPG, meaning that you have to pick a role. If you want a role of a rich hedonist and your real life can sponsor that, why shouldn’t you? Besides, there are things you might find yourself not being able to live without – which might cost you about the 3-digits amount of hours spent of earning money in-world. So it would be smarter to use some of your rainy day savings on the high-quality body part than spend mentioned above hours on dull activities. Think about it.
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1. Camping for money

This one is extremely easy. If you manage to find a money camping spot not yet occupied by another resident, you can take it. Required time and payment differs from place to place, but for as long as the money are not sucked out of the camping spot, you are getting paid every fixed amount of time – can be every 20, 30, 60 minutes. How much? Depends. Sometimes it is L$1, sometimes more.

They're going to make it big in Second Life. Location

They’re going to make it big in Second Life. Location

While the amount of money earned is not really satisfactory on its own, there is another huge disadvantage: you have to stick at one place, motionless, for a long time. Doesn’t it remind you of something? If you like spending hours of your time at one place for pennies with no visible opportunity to improve your situation, you can successfully do it in real life.

In Second Life, one of the main advantages of which is free roaming, you would rather spend your time exploring the Grid, wouldn’t you? In fact, you are here for this. And now you end up repeating the worst part of your real life in second one. I honestly do not understand why camping spots are so often occupied, but they are, so there must be something about them I fail to perceive.

Search in Places for: money camping | camping | money camp
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2. Money trees

Money treeThe dream of many people on welfare comes true in Second Life. There are places where money literally grow on trees – not only in traditional forms, but also shaped as apples and bananas, which doesn’t make them less of the money. While the amount of money earned might not worth the time it consumed, this method is much more fun than spending hours in one place, since here, once you have collected money from the tree at one region, there is no point in staying there, and you move to the next one – therefore, you explore the Grid, you are active in Second Life – which is the way it is supposed to be!

Also, a little hint for easier harvest collecting – pressing Ctrl+Shift+Alt+3 hides trees. Pressing the same combination again makes them visible again. Trees become invisible, but money and fruits don’t!

Search in Places for: money tree | money trees
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3. Money HUDs/Traffic generating systems


Hoping to catch something in the pavement. Fishing for Lindens is a quite popular sport too.

If you were paid every time you go to your friend’s house and spend a certain amount of time there, would you be more of a people person than you are today?

That is exactly what traffic generating systems offer. Basically, owners install a required terminal at their sims and it is added to the system database – and you, the special visitor, possess the HUD (Heads-Up Display) connected to this system which points you sims with such terminals. You arrive there, you spend a certain amount of time there, you pass the anti-bot test, and then you’re paid and can move to the next destination. Usually you are even free to explore the sim (if there’s anything to explore). Do not expect to be paid in large amounts, but all in all, L$2 for 2-8 minutes and no need in spending hours nailed to the camping bench looks pretty attractive.

Traffic Maker and captcha

Proving we are humans. The main store – you can start your money earning adventure right there.

There are more than just one traffic generating systems, different ones use different anti-bot schemes, require different amount of time and pay different amount of money. For example, there is a PayPerVisit system which will pay you L$1-2 for 2-3 minutes spent on the sim – but if you are inactive for 30 seconds, it considers that you are a nasty camper and shuts the timer down. Traffic Maker, another popular system, asks you to type some gibberish into the prompt window, and then you are free to go AFK – 8 minutes after, you will receive L$2. You will find other traffic generating systems, and you can use them all – that’s what is convenient about them. Tired of one method of earning money? Use another! Freedom of choice, what a beautiful thing!..

Search in Marketplace for: money hud (the L$0 – L$10 filter will make it even easier) | money fishing
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4. Sploders

Now, you probably have noticed that there are not so many places in Second Life which can be called “packed”. I can think of only one, to be true. Do you want to see more? Consider sploders. Not very time-efficient, not very profitable, but this is the event every Second Life resident should experience once in a lifetime.

There is still over 1000 seconds before it explodes, and there are 20 people after the L$ 500 pot already. In the end, there were 36 contestants, most of them won L$3, one hit the jackpot of L$52. Have I mentioned the group was L$5 to join?

There is still over 1000 seconds before it explodes, and there are 20 people after the L$ 500 pot already. In the end, there were 36 contestants, most of them won L$3, one hit the jackpot of L$52. Have I mentioned the group was L$5 to join?

The most popular one (and possibly the only existing one) is indisputably the Voodoo Sploder, probably thanks to this website which gathers all the Sploders into one network and tracks them, displaying the ones that are currently active in the tracker. So choose one, go to the location and watch other zombies coming. Sometimes you have to join the local group to join the sploder, but watch out, some of them require a fee.

In places with relatively bigs pots (mostly over L$500) you can witness the phenomenon of the great power of money in action – 90-100 people at the region, everybody waiting for about half an hour for the sake of getting some lindens, usually no more than L$25. Now THIS is determination!
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5. Games

Aazy's place, the place belonging to the creator of Zyngo. Many machines where you can play for nothing!

Aazy’s place, the place belonging to the creator of Zyngo. Many machines where you can play for nothing!

So, gambling is against the ToS, right? Yes, but these are traditional gambling activities. Second Life would not be Second Life without the whole range of adult activities.

What is so bad about bingo? Yes, that one game your grandma spends hours playing with her friends. Not sure how boring you should be in life to enjoy the actual bingo – but nice resident of Second Life kindly have spiced it up for you, turning the innocent game for people residing in retirement facilities into the most popular gambling activity.

Bingo is the most popular gambling game, but far from being the only one! There are other games that will take your monthly salary away from you leaving you no chance from taking it back from the gaming machine owner, since you have left it there of your own accord.

But hold on! We talk about earning money, not spending them. I’m thrilled to have you informed that there are places that let you play these games for free. And not just play them, but also have a chance to earn something – up to 4 times a day, the machine pays a certain amount of money to the player who has got the highest score since the last payout.

You will need to get a hand of these games first, but once you do – you will be paid for your own entertainment and will not spend a linden yourself, how about that! The prize varies, usually it is around 20-40 lindens. I must say, this is a great way to have some fun in Second Life, too. Anyway, try it.

Search in Places for: free games | free zyngo | free zyngo games
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6. “Best in” contests

One of the very first skills you obtain in Second Life is tweaking your own appearance. While you may look like a superstar, this is not something you can impress people over there with – this is a standard. However, they have managed to organize contests even for those who cannot do anything other than dressing themselves up in things others created for them.

These are “Best in” contests.

This is how the regular board looks like. People register, then people vote. Also, some people DO come for the music. (Found at Momo's surf club)

This is how the regular board looks like. People register, then people vote. Also, some people DO come for the music. (Found at Momo’s surf club)

How does it work? Once you have a decent variety of clothes/outfits (roughly 20+ outfits will be enough), at any time of the day, you search for “Best in” and choose the Events tab. You will have a list of events, and some of them will be featuring Best in contests. Themes vary: from primitive Best in Black or Best in Jeans to something like pretty self-explanatory Bare as you Dare – but do not pay too much attention to the 100% match of the event: the sexier your outfit is and the more dirty jokes you pass during the event, the more likely you’ll be voted for. However, original outfits, really original, have a good chance too.

So, what you have to do, is to dress up as close to the theme as possible and head to the event in one of thousands Second Life clubs. Over there, you need to trigger the dancing animation and pretend you are there actually for the music. Don’t forget loud club gestures which any resident will gladly share with you, or you can even get them in the freebie stores. All in all, attract as much attention to yourself as possible. Watch MTV for inspiration.

At some places, like Ascension Club, they do it differently. Here, the host was taking votes for people in costumes, and then announced the winner. Human contact forward!

At some places, like Ascension Club, they do it differently. Here, the host was taking votes for people in costumes, and then announced the winner. Human contact forward!

Your task is to achieve the level of the instant celebrity – that way, more people, especially of the opposite sex, will vote for you. Voting is anonymous and winners are revealed only in the end, but you still can threat a few people with being sodomized by your german shepherd – since you live only a few blocks away from them – if they don’t vote for you. (They are online, they cannot be sure, so of course they will be afraid.)

Events last for 2 hours mostly, but it does pay off, since prizes are rarely lower than L$200 and usually distributed between 1st, 2nd and 3rd place (by the amount of votes received), so even if you come second or third by votes, you still get something. In most cases, you will earn more than through traffic HUDs, games, and definitely sploders and camping. So don’t exclude this method. And keep stuffing your inventory with clothes – you never know when it comes handy!
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Eventually, I do hope that you will realize that money are not that needed in Second Life – unless you are starting a business, you can have everything you need for bargain prices or eve for no price. The article for that will follow – for now, make the best use of this one.

Wish you best of luck, people. Live it smart!


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