Findin’ Fun

Unlike the real world where you don’t need a map as all roads lead to Rome, Second Life has multiple areas for you to look at to search for events, places and things to do. This article will help you widen your search area and make you more proficient at finding the sought for diamonds in the rough.

searchinworldThe In-world Second Life search

The most known and used search engine in Second Life, and for a reason. Searches for people, for events, locations and such are available in a few clicks and a search query. Think Google. For this search, you don’t need to type the full name of the element you are looking for, and god knows looking up someone like trashygurlzlovinghotstuds resident would be a pain and hard to remember; you can simply type in the beginning of the term trashygurlz and you should get your result. Same goes with places, which have the benefits of showing the amount of traffic there is, using a totally useless number indicator. The higher the number, the more people there should be.

Within this search area you can also find part of the Destination Guide, which is a great area to look for quality sims. Browsing can be done for multiple categories, and you can also do a keyword search for within the category if you can’t be assed to go through all the listings. Searchception. This list however isn’t complete, which brings us to the next section:

The Second Life Website destination guide

Second Life Destination GuideIf the Destination guide within the in-world search feature wasn’t enough for you, this larger list will keep you busy until Google comes out with their own virtual world. It can be found here. Like the in-world one, this one is divided in multiple categories to facilitate searching. Unlike the in-world one, you can’t narrow down a search through keywords. The budget was mostly spent over adding sims to the list, which explains the very large amount of them that can be found. Yes, you should at least have a look once, I am certain you will be surprised. The destination guide will not necessarily list new sims until they have been approved, so if you are feeling a bit adventurous, try out:

Second Life forums searchThe Place and Events forum

For the truly adventurous, you will have to fight through spamming, poor quality sims and deceptions in order to find places worthy of your attention. It is also not as frequented and looked at as the other places, and for cause, nevertheless fun and surprises can be found here. This area can be found here.

Friends and profiles

Finally, if nothing can satisfy you, call up a friend, or stalk through a few picks in people’s profiles. Either you learn about a few new different places, or you learn more about your friends interests! Never underestimate the power of human networking!

All in all, these are the ways that you can look up events, people and places. Don’t stick to one, explore and be rewarded!

– HelixFossil


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